Good-bye Sweet Ms. Stalwart

RIP Ms. Stalwart.

You will be forever loved. I will always remember you for your sweet disposition and the way you seemed to take every day for what it was, never complaining.

Yesterday was a bad day, so I made the call. Today you are free.

See you on the other side.

3 Comments On “Good-bye Sweet Ms. Stalwart”

  1. Dear Jeanne
    So sorry to hear that ms. Stalwart has passed on. I know you did everything possible to keep her comfortable. I will miss her too. She is at the rainbow bridge where she will be healthy again. Take care


  2. Would you be sending a press release on ms. Stalwart she might be mentioned in the press to honor her????

  3. We did send a press release out to everyone.

    Her death was mentioned on the Daily Racing Form web site:

    And on Susan Salk’s Off Track Thoroughbreds blog:

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