Y'all are NOT going to believe this!!!! The THOROUGHBRED CHARITIES OF AMERCIA (www.tca.org) has awarded us a $6,000 grant to help us take care of our mud/drainage problems!!!! So many times I have envisioned what it would be like NOT to have to slip and slide through mud every time it rained. So many times I have thought that IF ONLY we could get this issue taken care of, we'd be more like those fancy farms!

And NOW WE CAN! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!!! Not only will we be able to deal with our "boot sucking mud" problem but we should be able to build the "people pen" we have long talked about. This small, fenced off area will allow our visitors access to the ladies WITHOUT the danger of being run over by treat greedy equines.

Leslie and Michelle Sharon are donating their time, equipment and expertise to the cause. Their children, Greg, Mason and Emily are helping as well.

We met the Sharon's through our beloved Sadie Collins who comes out to pamper the ladies on a regular basis.

Folks, this is awesome. A DREAM COME TRUE!!!! ALL HAIL THE TCA!!!!

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