Getting things done, I PROMISE!

I promise, promise, promise to update the blog more frequently..… AND also to mail halters to our friend Gail and locks of mane to Becky!

The ladies have started shedding their winter coats. One can not even walk by Bel without getting covered in white hair! The Princess leaves patches of white every where she rolls and poor Elmhusrt ends up with mouthfuls of hair every time he kisses a lady!

Someone told Ms. Royal Flagship that as long as she was Elmhurst's favorite girl she could be queen of the barn. Apparently, that someone didn't tell anyone else! Flagship has gotten herself into a bunch of trouble biting at the other ladies and chasing them from the barn. I think there may be legal action taken if she isn't careful. She is messing with the wrong crowd! Do you all remember when the ladies took Barhopper to court?

Lotka…oh, Lotka…she is in trouble with ME! Lotka wasn't eating well and kind of dragging around. I thought she might be sick so I enlisted Cassidy's help and tried to take Lotka's temperature. I barely got close with that thermometer. Lotka proved quite quickly she wasn't sick. She kicked me! Caught me on the outside of my right wrist and sent that thermometer SAILING! Luckily, we found the thing in the straw and I only have a nasty bruise, not a cast. BAD GIRL, LOTKA! She isn't a bit sorry either and checks my hands when ever I come into her stall.

James is back in the hospital. He had a chemo treatment scheduled but spiked a fever instead. His treatment had to be delayed, he has to stay at the hospital until the fever stays gone and he could get his treatment and recover from his chemo a bit. Poor kid. We miss his smiling face.

Hay is in short supply here in the Bluegrass. We struggle to find some that all the ladies like. Sue, Hana, Bel, Taba Dance and Trail Guide LOVE the pure alfalfa I found but Flagship, Cruella and Stalwart prefer alfalfa with orchard grass. It doesn't matter what they like though because, at this point, they have to eat whatever we can find!

Other than that, everyone is healthy and happy. I intend to keep them that way!

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