Funny Story From Our Vet

Funny story from our vet…

Some of you may know that I borrowed a little arab mare to use as a lesson horse. Our volunteers and their children often want to learn to ride.

'Lace' is a beautiful grey 26  year old. Perfectly behaved, um, most of the time.

It was time for Lace's coggins test. At the request of our vet, I left Lace in a stall while I was at work. He and his dear wife would come by while I was at work, take the blood and let Lace out.

That is exactly what happened. When they let Lace out, she bolted out to the ladies in the pasture complaining LOUDLY as she went… she rounded them up and the WHOLE HERD came running back…STRAIGHT AT DOC AND HIS WIFE who were carefully picking their way through the mud trying to get to their truck.

The Mrs. Doc says, "They had ACRES to run in and yet they came right back at us turning and flinging mud everywhere, THOROUGHLY coating us with mud!"

Doc says, "There wasn't an "old" horse among them. All we saw were a bunch of young fillies hooting it up and hassling humans."

Apparently, there wasn't a unmuddy spot on either of the humans. The ladies splished, splashed, turned and threw mud all over them. Doc and his Mrs had to go home and change their clothes before they could finish their rounds. They were late for their next appointment.

NOW I have WITNESSES!!!! Those ladies are downright mischievious.

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