Years ago in Girls Scout our troop did a very cool thing. Our Leader, Heather Blake asked each of us to take a shoe box, fill it with all the items we would want to have IF we should ever lose everything.

We were instructed to include toiletries and other items. We were to mark the box using our age and gender…"made for a 50 year old woman, or 13 year old girl or 16 year old boy… Then, after the next natural disaster, we'd mail the boxes to the very place where people did indeed lose everything.

I was teaching creative writing when Katrina hit New Orleans. I suggested to my students they could make a friendship box, too. I'd make sure they got to where they were needed. My daughters were all in the Marching Band at the high school. They joined in. Before I knew it a church had arranged a drop off place and the entire community was creating boxes. The church arranged a semi-truck to deliver the boxes.

So now, I'm asking each of you to please create a Friendship box for someone in Joplin, Missouri.

My beautiful niece went to college in Joplin. I asked her where to send our FRIENDSHIP BOXES. She gave me the name/number of a church that is coordinating efforts. I called the church and when I told the woman about our plan, she started crying.

WE ARE VERY MUCH NEEDED TO DO THIS. People are coming into the church, "just streaming in" looking for everything they need to live.

The lady I spoke with said, "Something like this would mean so much. I can't even begin to tell you how much."

Send your friendship box through the mail to
4311 E Newman Rd
Joplin, Missouri 64801

MARK YOUR BOX with the age and gender it is made for. (EX: 50 year old woman…25 year old man…3 year old girl…10 year old boy…)

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