First thoughts about the new ladies

Jamra and Exactly So were quite interested in being loved on and fed. They came right up to me this morning. Jamra is so young! Only 22. Let's keep up with her racing babies, Caddo and Jammin Corwyn.

Exactly So must have been quite spoiled at one time. Not spoiled in a bad way but someone REALLY loved this mare. She is looking for a human bond, asking for one.

Iza Valentine allowed a quick touch. She enjoys interaction with me, LOVES to be brushed and fussed over. Her equine friends come first, though.

Taba is highly suspicious. She circled me at least ten times, looking me over but wouldn't let me touch her. She stayed just out of reach. I swear, I can read her eyes. She is trying to figure out what I am up to and why she is here.

My Turbulent Miss acted as if she really wanted to be petted but would pull away at the last second. I bet she will really like time inside.

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