Feeling sorry for them…

It wasn't the first time I have been accused of anthropomorphism…the act of applying human-like emotions to animals…but I found myself trying to explain and not having the words. A person I know, and very much respect, in the horse industry, CONSTANTLY, tells me to be careful not to anthropomorhize… WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Horses have definite likes and dislikes. They have friends. They have horses they do not get along with. They love their babies, grieve for lost friends and act out when someone/something isn't behaving in a way they approve. They show humans when they are mad, happy, depressed, ill, but, GOD FORBID, we, as "schooled" horse people give verbal recognition to any of that. Even the hard core "horses are a business" people will look at a horse and say if the horse is happy or unhappy.

But, somehow, if I even come close to implying a horse has expressed an opinion, I'm crazy.

Why can't people SEE what is right in front of their faces? Why is it that some people refuse to recognize that animals communicate perfectly but simply speak a different language than humans?

Tonight, as I let the ladies out to pasture, I had heartache. Sorrow for those who refuse to see the beautiful beings who grace our lives…

And, I wonder, what would life be like if they finally did see?

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