Fall charges in

Good evening, race fans! If you weren't standing in the pasture at 9:30 p.m. you missed the race of a lifetime.

The cool, autumn-like breeze was just enough to get the ladies charged and the sudden appearance of a dog near by acted like the starting gun.


Iza Valentine takes a quick lead with Jamra just a half length behind. But up comes Timeless Sue passing Iza and heading for the stretch, um, back pasture. Sue looks like a sure winner… but wait! Out of nowhere 30 year old Chief sails past the Thoroughbreds and over the rise. Sue is stunned and falls back allowing Iza and Jamra to place second and third.

Smokie's Love just chased the dog. Barhopper watched with little interest.

Alabama Nana was napping and didn't run in this race.

Tune in tomorrow for the rematch when OMRH expects to present the "Too Bad (resident bad cat) Handicap.”

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