Extra summer help

We have been blessed with an INTERN from Berea College. Miss Alicia is studying equine nutrition this summer and is helping out all summer long. Add to her the incredible passion for the ladies by my wonderful neighbors and I have a little down time every day! So far I have taken complete and GROSS advantage. I don't think I have cleaned a stall in DAYS!!!!! Oh, for the life of of the rich folk!

The ladies are behaving themselves for the most part. Ashley, dependable barn fairy she is, rode her little horse all over the pasture and managed to find the Princess Royale's missing halter! So everyone is clothed again!

Miss Iza looks weak as does Smokie. Maybe it is the dreary weather. 

Cruella KNOCKED the heck out of me last Tuesday. I was walking her over to give her a shower and she SWUNG her head, hitting my arm, actually LIFTING me off the ground. I landed, thankfully, on my feet but barely. I am now sporting a large bruise on my arm. Funny how Cruella is. MOST of the time she is quite gentle but when we have guests, like we did on Tuesday, she acts like she wants everyone to know she is a big, bad racehorse.

We have heard from Barhopper via a photo. The picture makes me laugh everytime I look at it. He is standing there in his new paddock practically GRINNING. I can just see the amusement in his face. I am quite sure he thinks there is a mare close by to hassle.

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