Elmhurst here…

KING ELMHURST LOG, farm date November 17, 2014: There has been a coup.

I am afraid I have a great rebellion in my Kingdom. The peasants who serve and entertain me are out of control.

This whole issue started weeks ago when I was reprimanded for expressing my displeasure of the disrespect I have been receiving. Imagine, them telling me anything! I have been unfairly accused of being a tyrant. I am not a tyrant! They are not showing proper reverence.

As punishment I was deprived of tasty treats!

Yesterday, I felt I had suffered enough. I looked through Jeanne’s pockets searching for carrots and found none.

So I bit her.

And she WENT OFF! It was ugly. You’d have thought I had committed a serious crime or something.

More restrictions. No sweets, no kisses… just grain, hay and water. I am being treated like a commoner.

Just you wait. The peasants will pay. I will suffer the their insolence no longer! I shall lay in wait until opportunity to restore obedience and order presents itself.

Meanwhile, if my faithful servants could just sneak me a treat or two, it will be remembered when I take back control.

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