Dreams, Best Friends and Comfort

I had the most wonderful dream about Mims last night. I was visiting her, helping to get her ready for some event. She was so loving, hugs and kisses every minute or so.

Mims had a whole team of workers. Her stall was magnificent…it was HUGE, probably 2,000 square feet. It was pristine clean, deeply bedded is straw just like she always loved. There was a hay rack on the back wall overflowing with different kinds of hay. She had her choice at all times.

As I groomed her, all I had to do was ask for something and it was provided. I asked for a soft brush and I'm telling you, it was a SOFT brush. I asked for a taller stool so I could reach her back, I got one. Everything was there to serve Mims. EVERYTHING!

I mentioned that Mims was on the thin side and was told that Mims wanted to be "fit" for her big event. She was a competition horse, now, and wanted to show off her muscles. And, oh, her muscles were spectacular.

It came time to put on her bridle. Oh my goodness, it was the most complicated thing I have ever seen! There were buckles and snaps everywhere. There was even a little device for Mims' ear so "she could hear instructions from her trainer."

I commented how nice it would be to have such a device on halters…one would never have to yell for a horse. You simply could ask them to come in the the barn.

One of Mims' grooms said, "Like that would work with Mims. She does just what she wants."

At this point Mims hugged me. I knew she was saying she would come everytime I asked her. Then she said, "So would Iza."

I woke up before the big event but afterward I realized Mims was about to enter a very high class dreassage event. Then I remembered walking her around at the Charity Horse Show at Turfway, how she stopped to watch dressage and stayed there for a long period of time. I remember thinking then that Mims would have LOVED dressage.

This morning I feel like I got a glimpse into Horse Heaven. A place where a horse gets to do things he or she might have wanted to try on earth but didn't have a chance to. I also feel so connected to my best friend right now. I needed that visit. I needed confirmation on what comes later for a horse. All that makes the losses easier to handle.

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