Discouraged but grateful for friends,

I am sending out a note of thanks for all those wonderful people who heard our cry for help and have responded with donations. To say, "money is tight," is an understatement. Money was "tight" from the get-go.  Now, we are desperate. BUT extremely grateful for those of you who have sent donations. We KNOW how hard you work for every dollar and we KNOW that every dollar sent to us comes with a hundred pounds of love. 

We get discouraged, though, because other than you few people, we are often a last priority when it comes to funding.

OMRH has never been on easy street funding-wise. In the past we have somehow managed to have "just enough" but never any extra. Our board members are here on a volunteer basis, working long hours well after we have finished our "real jobs."

We are overlooked by much of the media and a great majority of the rich folks in the horse industry…even if we house and care for some of the horses who earned them big bucks.

Our mortgage is paid because Pete and I donate more than half our farm and both barns to our cause. We also donate water for the horses. Up until recently, our donor's dollars didn't even pay for the electric used in the barn. ALL the money donated went for the ladies. Our volunteers may get treated to a fast food lunch here and there but, they too, are here just for the ladies.

I'd be willing to bet that almost every horse rescue facility in the USA is scrambling for dollars right now. We are ALL broke and begging for money in order to keep our doors open.

Every minute, day to day, year after year, we, at OMRH, live through what others consider an ultimate crisis…somehow, others get bailed out and we continue as we always have been.

Somehow we have to make everyone see that we are worthy, too.

Please, if you are reading this, stand up for our ladies. Tell people we have needs, too.

And tell them we are tired of being last on the list.

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