Current Needs

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the muck at Our Mims Retirement Haven? No, not the mud that appears when it rains. The muck… you know… the stuff that comes from the horses?

According to Horse Manure Management1:

If the manure produced from one horse were allowed to pile up in a 12-foot-by-12-foot box stall for one year, it would accumulate to a height of six feet! On any given day, the average 1,000-pound horse will produce approximately 50 pounds of manure. This amounts to about eight and a half tons per year!

At Our Mims Retirement Haven, the only discussion we have about our Ladies’ and Gents’ weight is with their veterinarian. (Ladies do not generally discuss such a delicate topic with just anyone, you know! Blue Viking would not approve of such intimate talk! And no one wants to get Elmhurst started on the subject!)

As you can see, only one horse produces 50 pounds of manure… and the Haven houses ten Thoroughbreds and one mini-horse! Even without doing the math, there is one definite conclusion that can be had:

Poop happens!

The management of manure is a serious business. And, strange as it may seem, our year-end campaign deals with manure management. Jeanne uses a rotation of the fields to deal with the herd’s “output” from mucked stalls. The system works, except…

The Haven needs new tools. In these past few months it seems our tractor requires a new part just to get started. Jeanne tried using each of her old trucks (dump the muck into the bed of the truck; transfer the muck to the appropriate field by hand), but the old trucks have given up the ghost as well. At a certain point, adding new parts to an old machine just does not work. And if you rely upon that machine to get things done, things don’t get done (at least not without a lot of extra effort).

You are the key!

You are the key to acquiring the needed tools. We’re targeting $20,000 for the cost of a new tractor and manure spreader. Can you contribute toward our campaign? We can’t do it without you!

Now, we could have included photos of manure, muck, and unhappy horses dealing with such things. Or, heaven forbid, we could have sent actual samples. But no one wants to see that. You want to see happy horses and clean stalls.

Your year-end donation will go toward the purchase of a tractor and manure spreader. Since we believe in “waste not, want not” (even though that does not apply to manure management) our old tractor will be sent to auction in the spring. (If you have an inside track to a gently used or new tractor and/or a manure spreader, please share! An in-kind donation of these tools would be great, too!)

Easy to give

Of course we accept donations online. Use this link: (also accessible from our web site home page). If you’d rather send a check, there are directions there on how to get your donation to the right place.

You can also include your year-end donation with any purchase from our online shop. Just click on the 2015 Year-End Campaign button (the picture of the tractor and manure spreader) and select the amount of your donation from our store  (the online store is also accessible from our web site home page).

Thank you!

Our Mims Retirement Haven exists because of you: your donations, your support, your well-wishes. It’s all important. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Have you ever visited the Haven? Elmhurst, Blue Viking, Trail Guide, Missy White Oak, Dogwood Patty, Ms. Royal Flagship, Exciting Bucket, Braggin Rights, Jo Jo’s Gypsy, and Play Book would all love to see you. Tea Biscuit (our mini-horse) wants to play tag with you. Schedule a visit with Jeanne (phone 859-227-6304) and come see us!

From Jeanne Mirabito, Laura Fallis, and Cheryl Bellucci
Our Mims Retirement Haven ~ 2810 Millersburg Ruddles Mill Rd ~ Paris, KY 40361
1. Horse Manure Management, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech & Virginia State University,