Cruella arrives

Twenty-six-year-old Cruella comes to us from Country Life Farm. Cruella has had quite the career. She earned $92,607 on the track and produced 15 foals who also earned a bunch of money.

We met Cruella through her friend, Valora Kilby. Val had been Cruella's buddy and main caretaker at Country Life Farm and asked if "Cee" as she calls her, might be able to come to the Haven.

Ok, so someone been talking about us. Cruella got off the van and I put her in the front paddock to stretch her legs after her long ride. I let her roam for a half hour and then went to say hello. She immediately started looking for treats! There was no question like, "Is this a place where treats are given?" There was only a, "Ok, where are they? I heard something about carrots, Stud Muffins and some hand made treats."

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