Considering Exactly So’s passing

Thanks to all of you for the kind words in the emails we have received. and for, once again, for understanding and being there for Cheryl and I through this. I know that somehow, no matter how many mares walk the pastures here and how many we send on, you all will rejoice with us upon each arrival and mourn with us at each departure.

I've been thinking about all this over the past few days. Ever since Our Mims died I have had this pain in my chest. My doctor calls it anxiety but I know it is a broken heart. I have tried to honor my beautiful friend's memory by trying to make sure that those mares who I can reach are taken care of. So, week after week, year after year, mare after mare, I have opened my barn, my heart to the most beautiful souls who ever walked the Earth.

At times like this, when the pain in my chest seems overwhelming, I look for answers within the eyes of the mares here, Tonight, as I said good night to the ladies and begged them to be safe and healthy, I think each mare gave me the solace I was seeking.

Iza Valentine just loved on me. I swear I can feel her grief as she tells me we are lonely here but our friends are near by and safe in Heaven.

Jamra reminds me that we loved and took care of Exactly So, just as we did My Turbulent Miss, Taba and all the others.

Smokies Love, again in mourning, stands with her head down and asks whom she should buddy up with now. In a way she tells me how many friends are out there waiting for us.

Timeless Sue, still so unhappy about Blond Bomber's passing is ignoring me and dedicating herself to making Alabama Nana feel at home.

The boys are best friends again, sticking to each other like the mud sticks to my boots. Neither one did well through the heat, they weren't much more comfortable than Exactly So was. I wonder if they are thinking how fragile life can be.

Anyway, we never forget Exactly So, her pretty face or her tendency to throw a quick kick and ask questions later. At some point in the future we will recover from this loss just as we recovered from the others. And then, we will move on. Some other lady will find her way to our barn and once again we will be blessed with the opportunity to get to know and love her.

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