Good Morning! We are showing off our true colors this cold and windy day. Its tradition at OMRH that when a lady (or fella) turns 25 years old, we wear a red blanket in the winter. At 30 years of age, we wear purple.

You can see us from hilltops miles away!

Can you guess how many purple blankets are in our pasture this morning? How about red?

5 Comments On “Colors!”

  1. I think there is one purple blanket and 5 red blankets…Am I right?

  2. Nope, Becky. Guess again!

  3. OK – here’s who I have:

    Cruella – purple
    Princess Royal – red
    Lotka – red
    Ms. Stalwart – red
    Trail guide – red

    I don’t know about Arc Bar Miss or Dogwood Patty

    And, if we include Turkoman as a honorary one – purple

    Who did I miss?

  4. Cruella and Arc Bar Miss are in purple and Lotka Bel, Princess, Trail Blue ands Stalwart wear red!

  5. Thanks!!!
    The website didn’t say about Arc Bar Miss and her age – good to know….
    but, I think I got everyone else except Blue Viking…..

    Bel’s Starlet is showing 1997 foal date

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