Geez, it is COLD. Yesterday when I went to work the radio said the wind chill was -2 (F)! I think the regular temp got up to 23.

Today is suppose to be a little warmer. They're talking 25! Then tomorrow? Accumulating snow. If it's going to be this cold, there SHOULD be snow to play in. Snow is the only fun part of cold weather.

The ladies have the drearies. They do not really mind the cold, they have blankets, heated water troughs and most of them have heated buckets in their stalls. The new girls will have heated buckets by the end of the week.

It's the frozen ground that bothers them. Hurts their feet.

Tell you what, that Missy White Oak is one TOUGH horse.  It doesn't matter what she is walking on, she just walks…no ginger steps, no careful hoof placement, she plows right through anything. By looking at her face, her body movements, her attititude, it would be difficult to figure out what her surroundings were if you weren't standing there.

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