So, you probably know that we are deep in the midsts of WINTER! The temperatures haven't been above freezing in over a week and this is very hard on old mares!

The Princess colicked on Sunday…I thought she was ok but was watching her carefully. Last night she was acting colicky again. I thought, "Uh, oh, I'm gonna have to call the vet."

When I first put Ms. Royal Flagship in her stall she seemed ok, but, as I went about the chores she stuck her head over the door to look at me. More like WARN me. Something in her eyes told me something was wrong. So I was watching her, too. Within minutes, Flagship was down and rolling! She also had CHOKE! Well, you know I called the vet. He was here in fifteen minutes. On palping her he found she had a "tight band" in her intestine! NOT A GOOD THING!!!! Well, he oiled her, gave meds and told me by 9:30, we would know if she was a surgical candidate!

By the time he left, both mares were treated for colic. That was about 5:30.

IT WAS A DARN COLD FEW HOURS in that barn but by 9:30 both mares were comfortable so i went to the house. we checked on them every 90 minutes through the night.

This morning both were unusally quiet. Pete stayed home to keep an eye out while I went to work.

This evening BOTH mare are quite fine!

WHEW!!! Now I am on a mission to supply warm mash every cold day!

Oh, I am tired. It has been such a LONG 24 hours!

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