Christmas Wishes

Every horse that comes to us brings with them a life lesson; wisdom they will share with the humans willing to listen.

Today, we would like to share these with you as wishes.

Our current barn boss, Blue Viking, wishes you the gift of power. May you step into a leadership role, use your power wisely and gently to lead those you love into a brighter tomorrow.

Missy White Oak wishes you flexibility. May you always know when to follow submissively or when to lay down the law. Never be afraid to jump into either role with enthusiasm.

Elmhurst wants you to know that you create your own Kingdom. Everything in your realm is there to serve you. But if someone or something is not acting according to your plan, it is not a good idea to react violently with teeth or hooves. You’ll get better results if you use charm and humor.

Exciting Bucket wants you to be proud of who you are. Do not squelch your personality. In the end, you will earn honest love from those around you. And you will always be secure in where you stand.

Dogwood Patty wishes you spontaneous humor. May you laugh often. And may you help others laugh, too.  Be a joy.

Ms . Royal Flagship wants you all to walk proud. Your stature is not about the money you have made or the road to fame you have paved. It’s about walking your own walk. Stand strong in your own skin and respect will follow.

Trail Guide gives the gift of friendship. Be a friend and accept the friendship of others. A quiet life of love has more to offer than the excitement of constant drama.

The Princess Royale offers lessons in gentleness. A kind look, a soft touch and a quiet manner will bring undying love into your life. Recognize it and hold fast to it’s riches.

Tea Biscuit says to leap with joy, dance among the stars and remember you are as big or as small as you think you are.

Lady Jane cautions us all to be ready to re-make ourselves and learn to adapt. We should never be so stuck in our own existence that we can’t forge a new and better life.

The Hoodlums remind us that it’s okay to take a back seat to someone else in need. It’s more important that the whole herd is strong. Your community can not be safe and solid  if someone amongst you suffers.

Jo Jo stresses the benefits of perseverance. Never give up. You are worthy of life, love and happiness.

From all of us, in this world and beyond… May you live your life with an invincible spirit, free as the wind and and anchored in love.

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