In Praise of the Thoroughbred

Some of those who think they “know” horses often claim that Thoroughbreds are crazy. But they don’t know what they are talking about. A Thoroughbred has heart. Show them what you expect of them, and they will return to you more than you will ever understand. They will run till their lungs bleed, if that…

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Valentines Day is Secondary…

AHEM!!!! Tomorrow is Elmhurst’s 25th birthday. In the past, people have phoned asking to be able to wish him a happy day. One year the calls started at 12:03 a.m. We strongly advise anyone wishing to talk with the King to refrain from drunk dialing, midnight texting and/or FaceTime requests until after 9 a.m. Furthermore,…

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Strange Dreams with a Full Moon?

My sleep was filled with dreams last night. Dreams complete with commercials. Some of those commercials transmitted exactly as seen on TV. Others were created completely in my own head. And they were perfect. Beautifully done, the acting was superb. Blue Viking endorsing STUD MUFFINS, Missy White Oak speaking for a brand of hoof shine….

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Christmas Wishes

Every horse that comes to us brings with them a life lesson; wisdom they will share with the humans willing to listen. Today, we would like to share these with you as wishes. Our current barn boss, Blue Viking, wishes you the gift of power. May you step into a leadership role, use your power…

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Deck The Horse

A sing-along by Jeanne Mirabito; we suggest the tune of “Deck The Halls.” 🙂 Deck the horse with bells and bangles. Falalalalalalalala! Be sure the mane and tail aren’t tangled! Falalalalalala! Don them all in thermal blankets. Falalalalalalalala! If they’re warm you know they’ll thank us. Falalalalalalalala! The card is maxed, you can not charge…

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Never Too Little

Last October, a couple from Arizona stopped by for a tour of Our Mims Retirement Haven. They had come to Kentucky for Keeneland and a random thought brought them out to see us. I shared the Ladies’ stories. They pet each horse and fed treats and came away with a deep love for the older…

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