Broken Fences and Naughty Ladies

So, I got home from the lumber store today and found Arc's Bar Miss in the back yard. It wasn't hard to see how she got there either…someone had knocked all three planks off a section of fence. Let me clarify…they didn't just knock the boards off the posts, they DESTROYED all three planks! All the other ladies were grazing in the pasture nearby and Acry walked right up to me so I could take her back to her field. I have a broken fence but no one was hurt.

Don't think for one minute that I believe Arcy was the only escapee. Oh, sure, she was the only one in the yard when I got home but there are patches of grey horse hair all over the yard. Hmmm, now if I can only figure out which of my grey ladies tends to be where she isn't suppose to be…who could be behind this latest escapade?

I just wish I knew they were up to fence breaking mischief while I was still at Lowe's.

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