Bittersweet Moments

It was a BEAUTIFUL day today. The temps PERFECT for horse, hoodlum and human. I was delayed getting to the stalls but as I was fixing the buckets of feed a strange thing happened. Instead of mixing food for the current ladies, I mixed the special recipes for Sugar and Spice, Iza Valentine, Jamra, Hero's Hurrah and Irvina! Funny because some of these fine equines have been gone for YEARS! And several never even pastured together. Weird, huh?

2 Comments On “Bittersweet Moments”

  1. Hmmmm, I wonder what was up?

    Maybe those mares were nearby…. or maybe it was a sign that they’re all together with each other.

  2. Yes, I felt that maybe they were all close by. I often feel their presence but usually one at a time.
    I have no doubt that when I get to Heaven, they’ll all be together and waiting for me.

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