Beginning 2005 with the ladies

Taba is becoming affectionate. She seeks me out… even when it isn't meal time. I am getting all sorts of love from her. Oh, she still has her royal moments… she absolutely HATES having her left shoulder touched… in any way, shape or form… She WILL bite. The same with her left hind. Makes me wonder if she was injured and that's why she stopped racing after three races.

My Turbulent Miss is also showing affection but is VERY MISCHIEVIOUS! She likes to put hay on my head. If I am not paying attention to what she is doing while I am in her stall she oh, so casually gets a mouthful, sweeps over my head, dropping it as she goes. The twinkle in her eye afterwards tells me she KNOWS what she is doing.

Jamra and I have come to an understanding. She really likes Cassidy and makes it clear that Cass is who should be taking care of her. BUT since Cass has been injured and not going to the barn Jamra has had to settle for me. She is BEGINNING to like me but I think we have a way to go.

Iza Valentine is AWESOME. Oh, she clearly likes men more than women but she is very obedient and easy to work around. Iza also likes to stay clean.

Exactly So can carry up to 50lbs of mud in her coat and seems to enjoy doing so. I suspect she has Cushing's as her coat is extremely thick. MAYBE she will shed out now that she has proper nutrition and grooming. If not, we will have to shave her down.

Anyway, she likes REAL GOOEY, WET mud the best. On one of our warmer days I tried bathing her… almost an hour and I still did not get her clean!!!!

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