Bath time; Storm damage

I was going to write a long story about the adventures in bathing the ladies, but last night's storm probably should take precedence.

I'll give everyone fair warning, though: NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER get in the way of a long, luxurious bath for Cruella. It's DANGEROUS to cut her bath time short. I thought, perhaps, I'd just hose everyone off to relieve the heat. I hosed and released into the field repeatedly without issue. I completed the big barn and walked over to the small barn for Cruella. She loves a bath so I did spend extra time with her. Apparently, not enough time. When I released her she ran back over to the barn and stood in front of Blue Viking's stall door refusing to let me open it. She kept trying to get me to take her halter. I tried to shoo her away, SHE REARED AND STRUCK AT ME. So I yelled at her to QUIT! She moved away from the door long enough for me to get Blue out but tried to run between Blue and I all the way over to the bath place. She even tried to get between Blue and the hose! It was a FIGHT until Cruella won and I returned to bathing her.

Now about that storm. WHAT A BOOMER!!!! A huge thunderclap nearly knocked us out if bed at shortly after midnight. I could hear the hail and wind and I hoped the ladies had taken cover in the barn. I KNEW somewhere on the farm took a lightning bolt.

Just after dawn I went to investigate the damages. FIRST THING FIRST, I wanted to count horses. But as I crossed the back yard I saw Moon Shadow (um, who belongs in hoodlum field on the back of the farm)… she was visably shaking. No injuries but I knew this could not be good. I ran to check the ladies…everyone was ok and accounted for so I went on to hoodlum field fearing the worst.

The first thing I noticed was that the electric fence was down and it appeared someone had been caught in it. I thought it was Moon. I continued back looking for horses. NO ONE was in sight! I expected to see at least 12 horses but could find no one.

I made two calls, one to Pete and one to Pam. Both headed for the pasture to help.

I saw the downed tree about the same time as I saw the first few horses. A 100 year old oak tree had been struck by lightning. From where I stood, I could not see if any horses were under the tree. My heart was pounding! So were the thundering hooves of the missing horses. They saw me and ran to me. They had just been out of sight behind some brush. Well, they surrounded me looking for comfort. I counted… EVERYONE was there, no horses under the tree. WE ARE SO BLESSED!

Pete fixed the fence, I left for work and Pam checked the horses more carefully for injuries. Her 2 year old QH. Peppy must have been the one caught in the fence. The poor dear's legs are banged up. Everyone else is fine.

Now we just have to get that tree cleaned up!

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