Back to work

Today is my first day back in the barn.

Oh, I have been feeding the ladies in the afternoon but today I am cleaning stalls. No volunteers, no paid help, no Pete, just me.

I'm ready, I think. I can take my time as I have all day. And if I don't manage to thoroughly clean all the stalls, I can at least pick them and Pete will finish later.

It's been a long deal. I still have bad days where it is impossible to drum up enough stamina to complete even minor tasks but they are fewer and fewer. I haven't seen the results of the latest tests yet but I am hoping they will show something useful. Even if there is nothing to be done for a virus, I would like to know the dirty culprit responsible for my extreme fatigue.

Wish me luck. Send any energy you can spare!

HAPPY 27th Birthday to Lotka! I don't know what I was thinking when I said the 20th was her birthday. Silly me. Lotka raced 20 times winning ten of those races. She placed four times and was third once, in the Coaching Club. This lady won $721,804 on the track and had 14 foals. Somehow she ended up here, penniless. Sad, really. She is ok, now, though, Happy and healthy. That is what really matters.

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