Autumn Celebration

The ladies are celebrating! They are running all over the pasture with wild abandon.

I came home from work at noon time to witness a race! Taba Dance, Timeless Sue, Bel's Starlet and Lotka stood at the pasture gate dozing. All of a sudden their heads flew up and in unison, they turned and bolted across the pasture towards the barn. Sue won by about three lengths with Lotka in second place. Poor Bel is carrying extra weight and was embarassed by her third place. Taba Dance didn't seem to mind coming in fourth. She was "in the money" anyway.

Later, as I was cleaning stalls, the Ladies took turns running here and there. All afternoon the air was full of the sound of galloping hooves. It was quite spectacular!

The only horse not racing today was Cruella, who, alas, is stall-bound with a hoof abcess. Oh, dear Cruella…any slight amount of pain and she falls apart. She isn't eating and REFUSES to leave her stall. The farrier has been notified. I expect to hear from him tomorrow. If he doesn't call, I'll have the vet come again.

Speaking of our WONDER VET, he is in need of prayers. Doc Burns has injured himself AGAIN! Several weeks ago, he rolled his truck on a country road. He felt ok at first but two days after the accident, he couldn't use his left arm! The injury is so severe, he may never get full use again. Please say some prayers. Not only is he a great person but the ladies need him!

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