Update on Our Grieving Herd

A herd is a close knit family. Closer than most humans know. Each time one of us passes, there is great grief. Very often, the best friend of the recently lost will follow soon after.  We are carefully monitoring our Ladies and Gent. Princess Royale was here to greet each of them. They had not…

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How to Conduct Yourself During a Job Interview

Refrain from dropping the “F” bomb during the phone interview. It’s not a good idea to bash your current boss and/or say you will not be giving your current boss a two week notice. Arrive on time. And, alone. Do not bring your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, BFF or family members. Come appropriately dressed. Proper attire rarely…

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A Horse with No Money

Beloved granddaughter and I sat at a local lunch counter yesterday and talked with a successful horseman about horses and races. He did not know who I was or that the child has grown up watching as we gave sanctuary to one horse after another. I was hoping that the child would come away with…

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Remembering Princess Royale

I stood watching as the last rays of sunshine touched our Princess’ coat at noontime today and couldn’t help but reflect on the past nine years with her. I remember when she arrived here, so unsure of what would be expected of her. She was scared but calmly asked for asylum. I remember how she…

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Today at the Haven

Today at Our Mims Retirement Haven: Missy White Oak is a bit grouchy with the heat. Blue Viking is being treated for an eye ulcer. It’s going well. Elmhurst is upset about the humidity. Jo Jo is happy… Happy, happy, happy. It’s often difficult to see her ailments as she thinks she has it made and…

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In Praise of the Thoroughbred

Some of those who think they “know” horses often claim that Thoroughbreds are crazy. But they don’t know what they are talking about. A Thoroughbred has heart. Show them what you expect of them, and they will return to you more than you will ever understand. They will run till their lungs bleed, if that…

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