April brings gifts

April brings many great tidings and gifts to the ladies.

First, for the THIRD year in a row, we have been recipient of AFTER THE FINISH LINE's grant!!!!! Last year, ATFL gave the ladies fencing to add an additional ace and half to their pasture. Not just any acre but SHADED land. The ladies spend a great deal of time in their walnut grove on hot days.

This year AFTL sent $2550 towards a tractor! You have to know what this means. Our current tractor is a tiny thing, more of a glorified lawn mower than real fram equipment. It can only pull a five foot cut bush hog. TRANSLATION…36 hours every week to mow the farm! 36 hours!!!!!

Honestly, I just can't do that this year. I am still recovering from that virus and do not have the stamina to work 12 hour days. I need a tractor and bush hog big enough to mow the farm in ONE day. So, we are in the market for a 65 horse power (giggle, I love horse power) tractor and a 15 foot cut bush hog. Oh, we still need more money but this gets us half way to our goal!  If you haven't heard of ATFL, you should look them up. Fantastic organization, wonderful people.

Our volunteers are working hard beautifying the barn for the ladies. You need to come see the progress.

So much to do. So little time.

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