Another note from Sue

From Timeless Sue:

We are trying to stay cool. The temps in the Bluegrass have been in the upper ninties and the humidity is awful! I keep dunking my head in the water trough, all the way past my eye balls. Surprisenly enough, Jeanne just LAUGHS and LAUGHS everytime I do this. I'm not really trying to entertain her but what works, is good enough for me!

I hear thunder so I guess cooler temps are on the way. Good thing, too. Bel and Porter feel like they are MELTING! Missy and Blue are having breathing issues. Even sweet Hana is a bit grumpy! She even grouched at the Princess!

Jeanne is drinking again. She ALWAYS has a bottle in her hand. We keep telling her that all those empty water bottles are bad for the enviroment and she should just share our trough. Lotka even tried to push her into the trough yesterday but she just won't take the hint. She just guzzles away, glug, glug, glug.

The farrier came last Saturday. He was quite pleased at the improvement in Stalwart's hooves. They have a long way to go before he declares them healthy but they are less "soft"…

Poor guy, didn't know we had lost Smokie. He just stood at her stall door for a minute and I almost thought he was going to cry. Everyone misses Smokie..we ladies, Jeanne, the vet, the farrier…I don't think I even want to be in the barn when the dentist comes.

So, guess what? Guess what those hoodlums did? They got into trouble! They are F-A-T, FAT! So Jeanne put them in the dry lot. Well, they stayed for a couple days then ESCAPED! Moon Shadow opened the gate RIGHT IN FRONT OF JEANNE! And they ran into the pasture! It's too hot for Jeanne to worry about chasing them so she just let them go. They better hope it stays hot…Jeanne is talking about making them work in the round pen!

Time for me to get back out to the pasture. Be safe, my friend. Drink lots of water and be sure to eat enough beet pulp and oats. Because if you slip up even once, the vet will come and stick a tube up your nose!

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