An Easter Story


Things happens here at the Haven. Wonderful stories of life, different species co-habitating in loving ways. I know this just as well as I know the back of my own hand. And somehow, I am still surprised everytime I witness the love. Today was a reminder of how much love this land holds.

Young Sadie, an eighth grader was here helping me clean the stalls. As we cleaned the stalls in the big barn, Cruella paid us several visits. It's not unusual for Cruella to come ask for treats but this was different. She was anxious.

By the time we got down to the lower part of the big barn, Cruella had made her presence known several times. We both wondered out loud what she wanted. I looked over and her stall door, in the small barn, was open. Horses mingled in and out. Almost EVERY lady made their way into Cruella's stall. I figured she just wanted to tell me about the stall door. Cruella is fond of her stall. She is also very particular as to where droppings are left. I somehow convinced myself that she was worried about others tramping through her private quarters.

We finally made it to the other barn. Arc Bar Miss stood guard in front of the open stall door.  Timeless Sue, Blue Viking and Lotka also stood nearby. Cruella stood outside the barn peering in the cracks into her stall. Several other horses were on the back side of the barn outside Cruella's stall. We began cleaning at the opposite end of the barn. I cleaned Missy White Oak's and Stalwarts's stall as Sadie raked the barn aisle. Sadie started on Blue's stall and I began cleaning Cruella's stall.

It was then I noticed a small orange cat, one I hadn't seen before, nestled in the corner of Cruella's stall…with FOUR NEWBORN KITTENS! The babies were not more than an hour old. Their little umbilical stumps still bloody.

I approached the new family with caution. Ferral cats are very common here. I have at least a dozen living under my front porch. But this is NOT a ferral cat. She hissed a little but allowed Sadie to pet her AND the kittens.

Kittens in a horse stall are in danger. Cruella is almost blind so these babies were REALLY in danger.

I made a nest of straw in the hay room, under our wood rack and hidden behind the old FOR SALE sign. We moved the family and went to the house for a break.

Before I made it back to the barn, Mama cat moved her kittens back into Cruella's stall.

When we put the mares in for dinner, Cruella went over to the small nest of kittens and pushed the straw just a little snugger around the young family.

She knows they are there, I hope they will be alright.

I'll look for a LOST CAT ad but I bet this new Mama is just another of the many dropped off unwanted cats we have housed over the years. I'll have to get her spayed and see about finding homes for the babies.

But meanwhile, she has some of the best equine mommies watching out for her and her little brood. I think I'll call her "Easter Eve."

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