Smokie came out of her stall for a few hours yesterday!!!! She was so bright eyed and happy. At first, I just offered her access to walk around the barn while I cleaned stalls. But she very enthusiastically asked to go out. I carefully walked her over the mud and she was very pleased to be in the pasture.

She walked around for awhile then lay down in the mud. Taba Dance stayed close by guarding Smokie the whole time she rested.  We had to turn her over to help her get up but then she walked to her stall and looked for food.

She was DEVOURING her dinner when I left the barn.

Smokie absolutely BLEW by me to get out. I wasn't going to let her out because it is pouring rain. I told her so and was the recipient of the fiercest SMOKIE GLARE I have ever gotten. I opened her door to pick her stall and VOOM, she was gone. There was no stopping her. She was walking well but no completely better. I'll let her stay out for an hour or two and then try to catch her…wish me luck.

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