A poem


By Jeanne M. Mirabito

Who will speak for the fillies

Who run beneath sire’s name

And leave their youth on racetrack

With no access to the fame?

Who will speak for the broodmares

Whose sweat and blood create

The offspring of the future

With little of the claim?

Who will speak for the foals

Born into lonely world

When lay dying in soiled stalls

Their banners never furled?

Who will stand on rooftops

For nurse mares meant to leave

Babies of their own

for others did conceive?

Who will shout for geldings

Never treated with respect

Who run because they want to

Not whom they could beget?

Passion’s cries forgotten

A testament to the heart

Never heard by the greedy

But felt with each race start?

Who will vow a vengeance

For lives not count as lost

For mares and their babies

gone because of cost?

Who will meet their maker

With black marks on their souls

While others cry for justice

For horses and their woes?

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