Note from Timeless Sue:

Hello Friends,

   It's been a couple weeks since Jeanne posted so I thought I'd step in to help. She runs herself, you know, if she were a horse, we'd have to sedate her. I bet she'd be a weaver, too.

   The temps have FINALLY dropped in Kentucky. Today was a beautiful 79 degree day with a breeze. AHHHH, sweet relief. Even though we get cool water hosing and a linament rub every day, we still get over heated. We've all been a little lethargic and for some reason, that makes Jeanne CRAZY. She just can't handle the weather I guess. She's gone out and bought MORE fans and everything!

   There are no plans yet to fill Smokie's vacant stall. Jeanne isn't ready. It isn't even something she wants to  think about very much. There are many reasons for this. First and foremost, someone else's head sticking out over that stall door is just too much for her to bear.  Smokie was here for a very long time. The heartache is still very fresh. Jeanne isn't really as strong as she lets on, you know.

   Our volunteers have been coming more often now that school is out. They're cute little buggers, several of them no bigger than a jockey! We LOVE the extra attention.

   There was some grading work done around the barns yesterday. A man named Jerry Taulbee came with a tiny bulldozer came to help with out mud/flooding issues. We can't wait till it rains so we can see if what he did works!

   The Princess Royale and Lotka have been spending a great deal of time together. Huh, that puzzles me as I can't imagine these very different personalities blending. I bet it's just because they both have a common interest…don't tell them I told you but both of them like to hang out with the boys, if you know what I mean.

   The pasture monsters are out in full force! Did you know that they not only pick on Hana Bride but bother other ladies, too?! Oh, how they love to sneak up on poor Taba Dance, pop outta the grass and then CHASE her! It's a sight!

   We hope all of you get a chance to come visit soon. Be careful in this heat, though, drink lots of water because the VERY MINUTE Jeanne thinks you are dehydrated she'll be dumping electrolytes down your throat and calling the vet! You can't trust her!

Timeless Sue,
current boss at OMRH


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