A note from the ladies

Dear Friends,

Something terrible has happened. Someone stole our beautiful pasture while we slept last night! They left a cold, white, crusty thing in its place. Oh. don't worry, we still have plenty to eat but we are all very upset.

There we were expecting our regular routine of grazing on grass and it's GONE! That silly Jeanne expected us to be happy about it! She thought we'd run around and play. She was even taking pictures! To be honest, Hana and Porter started to incite a riot and play, Sue almost joined in, but, as soon as they found out how MAD the rest of us were they figured it was best if they kept their enthusiam on the down low.

Iza insisted that our grass was under the white stuff so we all pawed away trying to reach it. DO YOU KNOW WHAT WAS UNDER THERE? MUD! That's what! And it isn't even good enough to roll in because that white stuff CLEANS the blankets, it doesn't mud them! How is a proper lady suppose to get good and muddy with this white stuff everywhere?

So, this is where we need your help. We know you all live all over the USA and some live in Jamra's old stomping grounds of UK. You've seen pictures of our pasture. If you see anyone lurking around in your neck of the woods with our pasture, or maybe are shopping on ebay and come across a bootleg pasture sale, let us know. Please do not try to apprehend the bad guys alone. We will be on those thieves in a FLASH! We know how to deal with hoodlums! Oh, by the way, the hoodlums were pasture jacked, too!!!!! Good thing Jeanne brought them into the barn last night. The no good thieves might have stolen them, too!

Thank you in advance for your help. We all hope no one stole your pasture too. This white stuff goes as far as our eyes can see.

The Ladies

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