A note from Barhopper

Dear Friends,

I have been hearing all week about Super Bowl Sunday and have looked forward to it. So far, I see no difference between this day and any other day. So I am turning to you for advice. Please explain the SUPER BOWL. As far as I can tell it's a "guy thing" that involves eating a lot and ladies fetching a fellow beer. But so far I have had only regular amounts of feed in my dish, NO SUPER BOWL AT ALL and when ever I tell the ladies to get me a beer, they pin their ears! One would think, being the only boy in the barn, I'd have no trouble getting a beer or two on Super Bowl Sunday!

I am trying to be polite. I haven't asked for chicken wings…who wants them icky things! I've seen where they've been! I don't want chips and dip because I'd just end up with bad breath and that would surely turn the ladies off. I just want a few beers and a SUPER BOWL, that I do not intend to watch very long at all. It is my intention to eat it!

Please advise!

Your Friend,


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