A Horse with No Money

Beloved granddaughter and I sat at a local lunch counter yesterday and talked with a successful horseman about horses and races. He did not know who I was or that the child has grown up watching as we gave sanctuary to one horse after another.

I was hoping that the child would come away with a special tip, something she could hold onto. Something she could tell her own child or grandchild.

Instead, the man bemoaned the hardship of having horse rescuers ask him for donations. He clearly stated he was appalled at the gall of such requests.

After lunch, the child climbed into the truck and said she wished more people knew what it was like to be a horse with no money.

Since then I have been deep in thought. And I want to say something profound; something that will make everyone who reads this stand up and take action on something they believe needs to change.

I want so much for the world to stop thinking about ways to take money away from others and to start thinking about how each of us can make a small improvement in the life of another sentient being.

I want the world to walk in the shoes of a true rescuer. It matters not what said rescuer specializes in, pick something that matters to YOU. Spend a few days on the front lines, in the trenches.

Be a horse with no money for just a few days. See if it makes a difference in how you look at life.

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