A commotion at the Haven

'Bama and the Princess Royale are at odds this morning. Serious odds with teeth flashing and hooves flying. Seems the Princess was spending too much time at the water trough and we all know how 'Bama feels about that. 'Bama just wanted to stick her head in for a drink, you know, share.

Apparently Princess doesn't share.

Oh, the commotion! And there I was way too close to being stuck in the middle of it all.

I happened to be talking to Pete on the phone when it all happened and he KNEW what occurred before I even said anything. He said, "Princess just stands there with her mouth full of water and won't let anyone else have any. 'Bama has a schedule to keep. Happens quite often."

Well, let me tell you, the pasture is a cold, cold place this morning. Pinned ears, and the whole nine yards!

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