A bucket heater for Smokie and a bizzare injury

I found a GREEN heated bucket for Smokie. It cost us an arm and a leg (nearly $40) but if she drinks her water tonight, it's worth it.

So, you know it's cold. Well, the manure spreader froze up…not the wheel that throws the muck, but, the chain that moves the muck, was frozen solid. So, I took the tractor over to Super Nick to unstick the chain.

Super Nick took a torch to the spreader. He was 'melting" the ice with a blow torch. Nick spent a half hour with the torch then asked me to turn on the PTO spreader thingie. I did, I was sitting in the tractor seat watching Nick work with the torch. The scary wheel thingE at the back of the spreader turned with earnest…

SUDDENLY a piece of maure/sawdust/ice at the back of the spreader broke loose and was FREAKING FLUNG FORWARD by the wheel, thereby hitting me hard in the jaw… hard enough to make me cry…

I'm sure there will be a bruise tomorrow but I can still move my jaw so I don't think anything is broken…Can you even imagine trying to explain THIS one to the ER people????

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